Stuff the rocks!

Running around...

October was a busy month, with a lot of running around but also a lot being accomplished. Here's a list of the things I helped build/setup;

  • 4x8 trailer
  • Partial bathroom remodel (installed a new toilet, removed a washer/dryer combo, created a alcove frame for a shower)
  • Installed baseboard and fixed an old TV media center
  • Setup/repaired 3 bed frames
  • repaired a couple of storm doors
  • repaired a couple of kitchen tables, including hacking up an old cabinet/table combo.
  • filled a sinkhole
  • Setup/formed a 1x3 concrete step
  • Hung some paintings and did some other household items to help setup a new home.

I also managed to drive from Seattle to Minnesota in 26 hours one way, which is a personal best (although I've only done this 3 times).

The new aquarium also got filled and is now in week 2 of just sitting there, doing nothing while the live rock does its thing. 

PinchyTigress also got the needed power cables for finishing the NMEA2000 network and I was able to test and verify that the depth finder is working well with my iKommunicate module.

Normal work was also accomplished, and probably a lot more that I can't remember. I also made this post and updated a couple of projects so...A good month!