Stuff the rocks!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! This year will be very different as a huge life event is on the way. Amanda will be having twins, whom we've named Alton and Darlena. My resolution as a result is to write more this year and document everything as much as possible. I'm hoping to do this by padding out the site so I can post quick twitter style updates via a mobile device. I've spent the last couple of days cleaning house and getting my thoughts down on paper so I can organize for the year. I finished up 2016 by tying up a lot of loose ends, canceling unneeded services and trying to streamline as much as possible.

Here's a copy of the twins birth announcement artwork I made to post on Facebook.

Announcing the birth of my two new little twins

Also, I'd just like to mention that the weather here in Seattle is cold!. This is the first year I've been here where it has snowed, and the snowed as stayed around. I got very excited in 2016 when it maybe snowed some flurries - but this year has been something else. As I write this the temp is currently -3c and its expected to drop the rest of the week. Hopefully it warms up a little bit more before Amanda's family gets here for Chinese New Year at the end of January.