Stuff the rocks!

60 gallon Saltwater Aquarium

My largest saltwater setup to date.


Last Update: 2016-11-02 04:22:56 UTC

In August 2016 I was lucky enough to pick up a 60 gallon aqarium for free. Gotta love thoseĀ free curbside finds!

I've had saltwater and freshwater tanks in the past, but usually nothing larger than 20 or 25 gallons. So far I've got the following hardware going into it;

  • Fluval 100g canister filter
  • 2x LED lights
  • Protein Skimmer
  • 100w all glass heater
  • 2x temp probe
  • raspberry pi with my plantrbot shield and a waterproof temp probe.

For livestock, I don't have much so far but I'll make a list anyways since it'll fill out later.

  • 20lbs of live rock
  • more to come later!

For software, theres the latest version of Rasbian but thats about it. I haven't ported Plantrbot to Rails yet, and at this point I haven't decided if I want to or if it should be left as a python/django project.

Things that I want the software to do;

  • automatically turn lights on/off
  • take water temp / salinity / ph measurements
  • take external temp / humidity / light measurements

I got most of these sensors and functions working when I was working on Plantrbot and I'll get around to either making that work again or porting the code to something else. The big accomplishment over the Halloween weekend was making a custom wood box for a replacement hood. Pictures coming soon!