Stuff the rocks!


Details about my 1981 West Wight Potter 15' sailboat


Last Update: 2016-11-06 09:53:16 UTC

After years of wanting to own my own boat, I finally got to check off an item from my bucket list in August 2016 as a sort of belated present to myself. I also wanted something more substantial than the inflatable dinghy that I had acquired earlier in the summer. The tipping point happened after taking a couple of weeks worth of sailing classes in July, I was hooked and looking for cheap sailboats for sale on craigslist. I did my research and settled on trying to acquire a 15' trailer sailer, either a West Wight Potter, Sage 15, or something similar. I finally found what I was looking for one Saturday and after a quick trip up to North Seattle, my bank account was $2500 lighter and I was towing a bright orange and white sailboat home.

Way to eager to get it into the water to test her, I forgot to put the bilge plugs in and nearly sank her at the dock.

Since then, I've never removed them for longer than it took to drain whatever water was in the bilge. :)

Inspired by the bright orange color of the hull, and needing as many ways as possible to appease my wife (who didn't know about my purchase) I named her the "Pinchy TIgress" as she didn't have a proper name.

Technical specs

Length Overall    15’0"
Length at Waterline    12’0"
Width    5’6"
Draft: Keel Up    7"
Draft: Keel Down    3’0"
Main Sail    72 sq. ft.
Jib    26 sq. ft.
Lapper    30 sq. ft.
Genoa    42 sq. ft.
Keel Weight    80 lbs
Boat Weight w/Keel    475 lbs.
Trailer Weight    350 lbs.
Cabin Height    3' 9"
Number of Berths    2
Mast Above Deck   15’6"

Project Log

When I first got her she only came with the trailer, motor, three sails (main, jib, genoa), a bunch of rope, and a small tub of boat junk. The first order of busines then would be to fit her with some basic electronics so I could run a bilge pump, and navigation lights. Additionally I wanted a small stereo, a raspberry pi, and some basic sensors for navigational aids.

Order of major upgrades so far:

  • installed bilge pump, nav lights, added flotation foam, and a water sensor/alarm for the bilge.
  • configured a Raspberry pi with GPS, AIS, and interfaced with my Samsung Note 2 for the internet hotspot
  • installed a stereo system, iKommunicate NM2000/SignalK gateway, and Garmin depth finder

Things to do:

  • finish farnishing teak handles and remount them
  • install fan, cabin lights, and a heater?
  • install better ventilation, possibly 2 portholes and another deck hatch?
  • redo/fix sliding hatch door for cabin
  • have cabin cushions reupholstered
  • fix gelcoat chips around keel
  • reapply hull paint & undercoat


That's all for now, more to come soon!