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Matt's Projects

An assortment of projects that I'm working on in no particular order.

Project: 60 gallon Saltwater Aquarium
Summary: My largest saltwater setup to date.

In August 2016 I was lucky enough to pick up a 60 gallon aqarium for free. Gotta love thoseĀ free curbside finds! I've had saltwater and freshwater tanks in the past, but usually nothing larger than 20 or 25 gallons. So far I've got the followin...

Project: 3D Printer Build #1
Summary: My 1st build - The Makerfarm 8" Prusa

My first printer was a Makerfarm 8" Prusa and it is currently sitting in Taiwan, ready and waiting to be fired up. A number of modifications have been made, however I don't live there anymore and can't remember exactly what all I did to it. So as ...

Project: 3D Printer Build #2
Summary: My 2nd build - The Smartrap

I used my first printer to create the parts needed for a smartrap. This 2nd printer ended up being the portable printer I took to use while I was working in Taipei. After I moved back to the States I ended up using this to print the parts needed t...